Sights in Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh was once the most populous city in Europe.  Today it is the highlight of many peopleís trips to Great Britain.  The Royal Mile leads from the Castle to Holyrood Palace with the Old (Medieval) Town  on one side and the New (Georgian) Town on the other.  It is possible to see the major sights with one full day and 2 nights, but we recommend three or more nights.  From London to Edinburgh takes 5 hour by train , 8 hours by car, or an hour and fifteen minutes by air.  There is no need for a car once in Edinburgh, but you will need one if you plan to tour the rest of Scotland.

Highlights of Edinburgh

Edinburgh Castle- An absolute must see!  To thoroughly take in the whole thing, allow half a day.  There are 5 main point of interest in the Castle; the Crown Jewels (1540), the Royal Palace (used for security), the Scottish National War Memorial (honoring fallen soldiers from WWI and WWII), St. Margaretís Chapel (1130- oldest building in Edinburgh) and the National War Museum of Scotland (one of the best military museums in all of Europe)

Royal Mile- The Royal Mile is made up of 4 different streets that lead from the Castle to the Palace.  These streets are connected by tiny alleys and squares.  You will find enough history here to fill your day including Parliament House, the Museum of Edinburgh, several churches and lots of smaller museums, shops, cafes, pubs and tearooms. 

Holyrood Palace- This is the palace where royalty stays in time of peace.  Each summer the Queen spends a week here.


Military Tattoo Festival- This is not about body art.  It is a two week long festival taking place in August that features bagpipe and drum bands from all over Britain.  Book far in advance if you plan to be here during the festival.


Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tours- There are three different companies that offer hop-on hop-off bus tours.  These tours stop at all the major sights.  You can purchase a ticket from the driver or at the starting point at Waverly Bridge.  Make sure you choose a bus that has a live guide rather than a recording.


There are a variety of companies offering day trip tours into the countryside and themed walking tours, including ghost, literary and pub tours.  You can get their brochures and sign up for the tours at the Tourist Information office.


Private Guides: See Edinburgh and learn about its history with a private guide.  www.PrivateGuidesInEurope.com



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