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Prague Tyn Church

Top Sights in Prague

This page includes the best sights in Prague's Staré Mesto (Old Town).

Prague's Old Town

The Royal Mile- The route that was followed for the coronation of Czech Kings and foreign dignitaries is called the Royal Mile.  It starts in Staré Mesto at the Powder Tower then follows Celetná Street to Karlova Street, over the Charles Bridge to Mostecká Street, next onto Neruda Street which leads to the entrance of the Prague Castle.  This Royal Mile passes by many of the famous sights in Prague and gives an excellent view of the various styles of architecture in the city. 


Old Town Bridge Tower- Sitting on the Charles Bridge, on the Old town side, is a tower that dates from 1370.  It is considered one of the most beautiful Gothic towers in Europe.


Powder Tower- This tower is a copy of the one mentioned above and dates from 1475 when it was used as the entrance gate into the Old Town of Prague.  Later it was used for gun powder storage, hence its name.  This tower is located next to the Municipal House.


The Municipal House- This is one of the most impressive art nouveau buildings in Prague.  It was built between 1905 and 1911 and the interior and exterior decorations are the works of several artists, including Alfons Mucha.  A large concert hall is the primary function of the building and guided tours are available.


Old Town Square- This is by all means the very heart of Prague and has been for centuries.  It was originally a merchant crossroad in Europe and an important market place.  It is constantly filled with locals and tourists alike.  This has also been the place of past executions, site of hanging Nazi flags, uprisings against the Soviets and more.  Located on the square is the beautiful Tyn Church and the Old Town Hall.


Church of Our Lady Tyn- This is the most impressive Gothic church in Prague, built over two centuries (14th - 16th).  The impressive Gothic towers have become one of the symbols in this city of spires.  The interior was rebuilt in the baroque style.


Old Town Hall with the Astronomical Clock- This building was established as the town hall in 1338.  It is decorated with coats of arms and features the famous Astronomical Clock.  The upper part of the clock, which dates to the 15th century, features the twelve apostles who appear every hour on the hour from 9 AM until 9 PM.  This is a big crowd draw, but not that exciting.  The bottom portion of the clock dates to the 19th century and includes a round calendar including the signs of the zodiac.  This clock has been keeping accurate time for hundreds of years.  The main tourist office is located inside the building.  The clock tower has an elevator to the top for wonderful views of the Old Town, making it easy for everyone to enjoy!


The Estates Theater- This theater was built in the classical style from 1781 to 1873.  This is where the first performance of Mozart's Don Giovanni took place.  Also, the song which later became the Czech National anthem was also first performed here.  Today it is used for operas, ballets and other performances.


Klementinum- This large block of buildings houses the oldest university in central Europe, dating to the 14th century.  The large student population in the center of the city makes Prague a lively and exciting place to visit. 


Mucha Museum- If you are a fan of the art nouveau style, then this museum is not to be missed.  Alfonso Mucha was one of the top artists of the period.  He is most well known for his posters for actress Sarah Bernhardt which were typically hung (and stolen for their beauty) from kiosks throughout Paris.  The museum features many of his posters and also photographs by the artist.


Museum of Communism- The permanent exhibition is entitled "Dreams, Reality and the Nightmare of Communism."  If this time period intrigues you, it is well worth a visit.


Wenceslas Square- For many this square is not very impressive.  It is a four lane boulevard lined with many shops, nightclubs and hotels.  At the top of the square is the National Museum.  In the square is the statue of St. Wenceslas and the four patron saints of Bohemia. 


This square is important to the Czechs as it has been the location of important demonstrations and revolutions including 1968 when the square was filled with Soviet tanks and again in 1989 when the massive demonstration known as the Velvet Revolution brought the end of Communism in the Czech Republic.


National Museum- This large museum is more well known for its beautiful architecture than its collection.  It has been featured in many movies including Mission Impossible.  The permanent collection focuses on minerals, paleontology and zoology. 


TV Tower- This giant tower was built in 1985 to jam radio signals from the free West.  Today it is used as a TV tower.  Elevators take you to the top for amazing views of the city.  There is also a restaurant and café.  


National Theater- This neo-renaissance building was built from 1868 to 1881.  This is the primary stage for national performances of drama, opera and ballet.  It is a symbol of national pride dating back to the Czech revival movement in the second half of the 19th century.


To help you better understand the city's layout, we have divided the best sights in Prague by area.  Please also visit our pages about Hradcany (the Castle Area), Josefov (Jewish Prague) and General Information about Prague.


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