Germany's Romantic Road



The Romantic Road, Germany

(Part 1 of 2) 

The famous Romantic Road is a path to paradise.  Driving, walking or simply riding a bike along this path is an experience you will never forget.  The Romantic Road crosses 27 important Franconian towns in Southern Germany.  It starts in Würzburg (north) and ends in Füssen (south).  We have provided a brief description of each of these towns, starting in the north and ending in the south.
Würzburg- Almost 3000 years old, Würzburg, with the Main River in the foreground and watched over by its landmark, the Marienburg fortress, is a must see.  More...

Tauberbischofsheim is the main town of the Main-Tauber District and the oldest in the Tauber Valley.  The town has many fine buildings like the gothic Town Hall with its glockenspiel, which is the most striking building on the market square.

Lauda-Koenigshofen is a wine town with magnificent churches from the Franconian Baroque period.  Delightful hiking paths and bicycle routes are available for those who love the countryside.

Bad Mergentheim-  The residence of the Grand and German Masters of the Order of Teutonic Knights is famous for its castle, with a chapel and museum.  The Hall and the Minster of St. John are also part of the Renaissance Town.

Weikersheim is recognized as health resort.  Visitors will find one of the finest Renaissance palaces surrounded by gardens in the style of Versailles.

Roettingen- The medieval town center offers well-preserved towers and half-timbered houses and the Baroque Town Hall with its decorated portal.

Creglingen- Visit the altar to St. Mary by Tilman Riemenschneider in the Church of Our Lord and the Thimble Museum.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber- The most popular of all towns on the Romantic Road is located also on the famous Castle Road.  This is a must see town.  More...

Schillingsfuerst- The landmark in Schillingsfuerst is the Baroque castle of the Princess of Hohenlohe-Schillingsfuerst, which can be seen from miles away.  It is also an officially recognized health resort.

Feuchtwangen- Founded in the 8th century you will find the Court of a Franconian King and a Benedictine Monastery.  The Gothic church and the market place are the heart of the town center.

Dinkelsbühl is situated in the idyllic Woernitz Valley and is surrounded by ancient town walls.  The old part of the city is a cultural monument.  The late Gothic Hall church is the Minster of St. George, and is one of Germany’s most beautiful churches.   

Wallerstein- The market town of Wallerstein is characterized by its long history as the seat of the Princes of Oettingen-Wallerstein. Another attraction is the castle park and the 65-meter high rock offering an outstanding panoramic view of the Ries district in the middle of town.

Nordlingen im Ries- The medieval imperial town of Nordlingen is the only town in Germany which has walls and battlements that can be walked all the way around.  Dominating the town is the landmark “Church of St. George” with its 90 meter high bell tower, which can be climbed 365 days a year.

Harburg is located in the Woernitz Valley between the Swabian Highlands and the Franconian Jura.  There you can find one of Germany’s best-preserved castles, owned by the Princes of the Oettingen-Wallerstein dynasty.

For the remaining towns on the Romantic Road, please visit page 2.

The above information was written for Travels with Friends by Monika Holeanca, who was raised in Germany.

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