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The Berlin Wall & Cold War Sights

Alexanderplatz-  When Berlin was divided between East and West, Alexanderplatz became the main square in East Berlin.  Dominating the skyline from here is Fernsehturm or TV Tower.  This is the tallest building in Berlin and was built as a symbol to the West that East Berlin dominated.  You can see this building from almost every place in Berlin.  On the square you will find a statue of Marx and Lenin and the Palace of the Republic


Haus am Checkpoint Charlie (Berlin wall Museum) - Checkpoint Charlie is the location where foreign visitors passing from East to West Berlin would cross.  All that remains today is a replica guard booth and an original sign warning visitors that they are about to change sectors.  You will also see a billboard with a photo of an American soldier on one side and a Russian soldier on the other, this to symbolize the sectors.  At the location of the former crossing point is an excellent museum featuring exhibits and photos of the Wall's history.  The primary focus of the museum is escape attempts.  Plan a couple hours for your visit!


Berlin Wall Documentation Center


Berlin Wall East Side Gallery


Unter den Linden S-Bahn- When Berlin was divided between East and West, so was the subway system.  When the wall was erected the East Germans would no longer allow subways from the west to travel to the East.  The Unter den Linden S-Bahn stop was an exception.  This stop was located in East Berlin while all others on the line were in the West.  East Berlin allowed the subway to operate but not to stop at the station.  The result was a station filled with Eastern Guards to make sure that escape attempts did not take place.  These events have left the station stuck in it's pre-Cold War days.  Make a stop here just to imagine the day when guards filled the station.


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