Sightseeing in Budapest

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Day trips from Budapest, Hungary

This page describes the best day trips from Budapest.  Please also visit our pages about the sights on the "Buda" and "Pest" sides of the Danube River.  You will also enjoy our page with General Information about Budapest.

Statue Park- So what does a city do with a bunch of Soviet era statues?  The city and its citizens would most likely say destroy them, and that's what happened to many of these unique statues.  However, someone had the idea to move the rest of them out of the city and make a park so that people could come and see them.  Statue Park is on the outskirts of the city and there are buses that leave Deák Square for this 2 hour trip into the Soviet past.


Danube Cruises- There are a variety of companies which offer day cruises on the Danube from Budapest.  To enjoy the city when it is lit, consider an evening cruise.  Budapest is also a popular starting or ending point for longer 7-14 day cruises.


The Danube Bend- The most popular excursion from Budapest is a visit to the Danube Bend.  The Danube River flows through some of the most beautiful countryside in this region.  Among the hills the river takes a hairpin turn and then suddenly makes a right angle.  In this region you will enjoy the Visegrád Castle, which was once the home of Hungarian Kings.  The town of Esztergom which is known as the center of the Hungarian Roman Catholic Church is also a popular stop.  There are coach tours, private guides and boat tours who offer programs for this full day trip.


City of Szentendre- Between the Danube Bend and Budapest is the artist colony of Szentendre.  This picturesque town dates back to ancient times but it was in the 15th century when Serbians settled here as they were fleeing the Turks.  Special permission was given to them to form Orthodox communities.  Today, four of the seven churches in this cute town are Orthodox.  The town has many shops selling folk art and it is a popular half day trip from Budapest.


Castle of Godollo- This castle was built as a summer home for the Habsburgs, including the famous Sissy.  The castle and its gardens are known as the Hungarian Versailles.  Half day tours from Budapest are available.


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