Lake Trasimeno 

Lake Trasimeno 



Sights on Lake Trasimeno 

Lake Trasimeno is the fourth largest lake in Italy. It covers an area of 80 square miles, but is only up to 20 feet deep.  The lake has three islands: Maggiore and Minore are near the northern shore, and Polvese is in the southeast corner.  The shores are dotted with tourist resorts and the lake offers many water sport options.


Top Sights on Lago Trasimeno

Castiglione del Lago was originally populated by the Etruscans and then the Romans.  In the 13th century the powers of Arezzo, Cortona and Perugia fought over this land.  Perugia won and in 1247 construction of the current town began.  A symmetrical plan of three roads, three squares and three city gates is still in place today.  To protect the town a military fortress with four towers was built at the water's edge.  Today this castle is one of the finest sights on the lake.  A highlight in the small town is the Palazzo della Corgna which features lifelike 15th century frescos.  A 300 meter passage inside the city wall connects this palace with the castle.


Isola Maggiore is the second largest of the three islands.  Its name is connected with the legend of St Francis of Assisi, who is said to have stayed here during a stormy night in 1211. The island maintains the appearance of a 15th century fishing village.  From the village you can hike to the islands highest peak (about 900 feet) for views of the whole lake.  On your hike you will also encounter the Romanesque church of San Salvatore, dating from the 12th century, and an 18th century villa.  Ferries are available to take you to the island from Passignano sul Trasimeno.


Passignano sul Trasimeno is a popular tourist town located on the northern shore of the lake.  Its origins can also be traced back to the Etruscan and Roman period.  The center of the old town is still surrounded by medieval walls.  Tiny alleys run along 15th century houses rising from the shores of the lake to the towers above.  There are frequent ferries from here to the islands and other towns on the lake.


Isola Polvese is an uninhabited island that has a ruined monastery with a large olive grove and rows of oleander.  The island hosts one of the finest beaches on the lake and is a very popular swimming spot in warm weather.  Ferries are available to take you to the island from San Feliciano.


Oasi La Valle San Savino is a protected nature preserve very close to San Feliciano.  The lake is an important stop for migratory birds.  There are watchtowers for viewing and on weekends there are electric boats for getting a closer look, a highlight for bird lovers.


Castèl Rigone is a very typical and charming Umbrian village.  What makes a stop worthwhile are the amazing views across the lake to Tuscan towns in the distance.  In the other direction Umbria lies before you including extinct volcanoes and the Apennines Mountains (elevation almost 6,000 feet).


Magione is a small town which stretches across a hill situated between the river Perugina and the lake.  Its imposing medieval Lombardi tower and picturesque Cavalieri castle offer miles of breathtaking views. 


Corciano is a typical medieval Umbrian Castle located near the lake.  Inside its walls is a village rich in history and art.  The streets are narrow, the steps are ancient, and the sights include a palace, gardens, churches, and bell towers.  From the top of the walls you can enjoy a beautiful view of the lake and Mount Amiata.


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