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Fun Facts about Rome

  • Rome's nickname: the Eternal City.

  • Rome, built on seven hills has been inhabited for over 3000 years.

  • Romans use over 100 hand gestures to communicate.

  • Rome has one of the safest drinking water supplies on the planet.  Aqueducts still bring fresh water to the city’s public drinking fountains.  Street fountains are made so that you can cover the down spout with your finger and water spurts upwards for drinking.

  • Romans leave the heat of summer in August by going to the coast, leaving Rome to tourists visiting closed sights and looking for open restaurants.

  • In 1988 the government passed a law allowing cats to live where they were born, creating a city full of strays.

  • Roman men love women and they aren't afraid to let them know it, you may hear a “bella” (beautiful) or “biondina” (blondie).  In fact the Italian Supreme Court recently made it legal for men to pat female colleagues on the butt, as long as it is only “occasionally.”

  • Smoking is a Roman past time done almost everywhere, even if the signs say otherwise.  The European Union passed new laws in 2002 and this is starting to make some changes.

  • The Vatican became an independent state in 1929.

  • The Vatican is the world’s second smallest Sovereign State.

  • The Vatican has it’s own Post Office, which is much quicker than Italy's notoriously slow one.

Transportation in Rome

Transferring to and from the airport- From the airport there is a direct train that goes to the Termini (main station) in central Rome.  It is a 30 minute journey.  Trains depart from the airport to Rome every 30 minutes.  From the Termini you can catch the subway, walk or take a taxi to your hotel.  A taxi from the airport to central Rome is about $50.00, but will increase for extra people and luggage.


Walking- Although Rome is quite large, walking can be very enjoyable.  Each corner you turn may be a new adventure or photo opportunity.  You should be warned that distances on maps are much farther than they appear, so it’s best to use public transportation or a taxi to get across town, and wear comfortable shoes.


For some people walking in Rome is difficult because auto fumes are intense and pedestrians don’t really have the right of way.  Don’t expect any cars to stop for you, even at a cross walk or red light.  You cross the street at your own risk.  In heavy traffic, sometimes the only way to get across is to step into the traffic.  Watch the locals, and you’ll see how it works.  It is said that the best way to cross the street is with a nun, or mother with a stroller, since no self respecting Roman wants to risk eternal damnation.


Metropolitana or Metro- is the name of the subway system in Rome.  There are only two lines (A & B) but they are good for getting you across town.  The two lines connect with one another at Termini (main train station), so if you need to get from line A to line B, you will change trains at Termini.  In general, many stops are named after a nearby major attraction.   You purchase tickets first, and then as you enter the gated area punch your ticket in the small stamp box.  Tickets are available at the Metro stops or in Tobacco shops.  These are the same tickets that are used for busses.  There are stiff fines if you do not have a ticket, or if you failed to punch on entering.


Like many big city’s subways, the metro trains are often filled with graffiti and are not air conditioned.  Be on the lookout for pickpockets who work the line.  There are a lot of steps to go up and down and many stations do not have elevators, so it can be a real trek with luggage.


Bus- The bus system in Rome is quite extensive and routes are posted at the stops.  Purchase a ticket in advance at the metro stop or in a tobacco shop.  When you board, get your ticket punched in the box.  There are stiff fines if you do not have a ticket, or failed to punch the ticket.  Once your ticket is punched, it is good for any bus ride during the next 75 minutes.   


Taxis- Taxis in Rome can be expensive, and are not advised unless you are short on time and traveling with more than one person.  Most taxis only pick up fares at taxi stands or when you call to arrange for a pick up (don’t hail them on the street).  Be warned that unmarked or un-metered taxis are a rip-off.  There are additional fees for weekends, evenings or trips to the airport. 


Rome deserves a minimum stay of 3 nights.  But we realize that many people visit Rome as a day trip from cruise ships, so we offer Private Tours from Civitavecchia to make the best of limited time.


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