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 Top Sights in Verona

Verona is the largest city in mainland Veneto.  It does not come to mind for most people as a first pick in Italy.  However if you are doing an extensive visit to Italy or are there on a repeat trip, it is well worth considering.  The old town of Verona is enclosed by a loop in the Adige River.  Most of the top sights are located in the old town.


Top Sights in Verona

Verona Arena- Sitting in Verona's main square, Piazza BrÓ, is Italy's third largest surviving Roman amphitheater.  It dates back to the first century AD and can seat 22,000 people.  Much of the exterior arcade was destroyed in an earthquake but the interior is still intact and can be toured.  In summer months the arena is used to host Verona's very popular summer outdoor opera season.


Via Mazzini- From the Piazza BrÓ and the arena, stroll the pedestrian street Via Mazzini which is well known for its shopping.  After 7-8 blocks you will reach Via Cappello, where you will find the following sights.


Casa di Giulietta (Juliet's House)- The story of Romeo and Juliet takes place here in Verona.  Romantics from around the world come here just to see the famous House of Juliet.  Ironically, the balcony from which Juliet supposedly stood was added to the building in 1935.  You can tour the interior of the house and step out onto the balcony as a sea of romantics take your photo.  Or post your own love note to the courtyard entrance.


Piazza delle Erbe- This beautiful square hosts the active lively market each day.  A highlight of the square is the Tower of Lamberti which rises from the Casa Mazzanti.  You will also find a 14th century fountain and a statue of St. Mark. 


Piazza dei Signori- From the Pizza delle Erbe go through the arch to the Piazza dei Signori.  This is the oldest square in the city and the focal point is a statue of the Renaissance poet Dante Alighieri.  You will also find the tombs of the Scaligeris, which was a feudal clan who ruled over Verona in the 1300s.   They were merciless in their rulings and even their name is that of vicious dogs.


Basilica di San Fermo Maggiore- At the end of Via Capello, near the Adige River is a Romanesque church which dates back to the 4th century.  The current church was built in the 14th century, however the beautiful bronze doors date to the 11th century.  The church is the burial place for Pepin the Short, the king of the Franks.  He was the father of Charlemagne and led his army (from what is now Paris) to Italy to defeat the Lombards in the year 754. 


Castelvecchio Museum- If you have more than a few hours in Verona you might consider a visit to the museum in the old castle.  The castle was built between 1354 and 1356 as a defense against both outside invasions and local rebellions.  The noble family could easily escape the city by crossing the fortified bridge which was accessible only to them.  In 1925 the castle became a museum and today holds one of the best collections of art, sculpture and statues from the Veneto region.


Duomo- Verona's cathedral sits in the north area of the old town, near the Adige River.  While not as impressive as many churches in Italy, it is worth a peak.  The highlight is Titian's Assumption in the first chapel on the left.


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